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Your Acharya is a platform to provide a better learning world for students

We provide qualified, experienced and trained experts who help students at their current level and try to grow them to compete with the competitive and real world. We have a team of field experts, teachers, best counsellors who will understand the problem of each individual student and help them to grow. We ensure the balance between Concept building, Education Skills and Mental peace that will transform student’s development.

Key Features

  • One on One interaction with student, Experts will understand the current level of student and grow him to required level of competency to face the exam
  • Comfortable and Safe learning from home
  • Regular counselling and interactive sessions will be arranged for parents and students to analyze the current level
  • Highly Qualified teachers who have expertise in their respective fields
  • Expert in Sales & Marketing, Finance, Consultation, Marketing Research, Banking sector; working in top companies and from reputed colleges of India
  • Counsellors who have expertise in overcoming fear of failure, past failures, low confidence and other mental pressure

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Some feedbacks from student

"I used to believe there is no hope for me in Maths but after meeting YOUR ACHARYA and it's team I actually feel optimistic about this subject that totally eluded me before. Their method, the pattern of explaining the concept first, then level wise practice, has proved to be extremely suitable for students, which ultimately results in flawless concept understanding. I would like to thank them for helping me remove this boulder sized mental pressure I had earlier and giving me the ability to perform such complex problems, which were previously unimaginable to me. I would highly recommend their best and splendid services."

Shambhavi Gawande

"Teachers of YOUR ACHARYA are wonderful. They are great communicators and felt more like a friend to me. They were one of the best tutor I've ever met and are also very flexible with the timings. Their teaching methods are great, very clear and concise. The passion and dedication they put are beyond words. Hence, I would recommend to join their service."

Riya Sawant

"YOUR ACHARYA is the absolute best. They have been very helpful in a subject that I feared the most i.e. Physics. They made me solve all the past papers to get a grip on the subject and exam pattern. They even taught me chemistry and gave very detailed questions for homework that made me confident to perform well in the subject. I scored a great percentage and I thank them for this. They have been a huge support system for me. Their service is worthwhile and I will highly recommend it."

Rhea Thomas

"The teachers were more like a friend to me. They were always there for me and helped me with my problems. They really know how to help students who are in doubt. They guided with an amazing way of breaking things down so that they are understandable. One of the best guidance I have ever got. Their services are genuinely out of the world."

Aditya Singh

"The sheer determination and dedication with which I was taught by the teachers of YOUR ACHARYA had an immense effect on my confidence in the subject and eventually was evident in my results. The creative approach and the willingness to teach a topic even though I would ask a doubt several times, is what makes them one of the best teacher I have ever had a pleasure to study under. Always thankful."

Gaurav Singh

Co-Founder, Pulse Digital Marketing (2021-Present)

"I had a wonderful learning experience at YOUR ACHARYA. They provided me a superb learning environment and expert faculty who taught me in different ways according to the way I understood. The classes have been so worthwhile. The timings were also flexible and hence I would recommend their service."

Dhaval Maru

"The teachers of YOUR ACHARYA taught me with special methods of teaching which is easier to understand than any other teacher. They are so friendly that there is no fear to ask any question any time. Because of their good and better teaching approach one should learn Maths from them. They are very good teachers, I studied for two years under them and got good marks in Maths. Their method of teaching is so wonderful and refreshing!! They are very patient and supportive. They really know how to motivate their students. They are great at building confidence and keeping the lessons fun and engaging through a variety of activities that improve conversation, writing and reading skills. Their service is my highest recommendation."

Marriyam Sayyed

"YOUR ACHARYA guided me with a team of excellent faculty members. Mentors helped me and motivated me with a great innovative balance of listening, speaking and practical learning activities. They provided a very safe, supportive learning environment. As a student, I felt propelled to learn and try out new competencies. I felt safe and supported in doing so. Also, they are very friendly, I feel very lucky to find such an enthusiastic platform to enhance my skills. Hence, I will highly recommend their service."

Akash Gaur

"Hi, I'm Palak, student of YOUR ACHARYA! I'm really obliged to have mentors like you. You candidly made my life easy specially when it comes to Maths! And really you made it like a cake walk for me which I never thought would have been possible. And the best part of your service is the friendliness and connectivity you maintained with me during the classes through which I could easily understand the concepts and made my way through it. Thank you."

Palak Shah

"Hey myself Nasreen, from Mumbai. I want to say a few words about YOUR ACHARYA. They provided me great mentors with a very polite attitude, and teachers were very obliging to me. They have that level of quality which no one has in the world. They made my learning more realistic and supported me with a next level learning experience and I like the way they taught me and enhanced my knowledge. They are very friendly in nature. I would genuinely recommend their service."

Nasreen Khan

"I'd like to say that Sarah has done very well in academics ever since she has been tutored under YOUR ACHARYA and she has scored 80% in English and 82% in home science which she initially found tough. They take regular and consistent classes which keep Sarah interested in her studies. Sarah's performance has been continuously improving under their guidance and she feels enthusiastic in learning and gaining knowledge ever since she has started learning on this platform."

Parents of Sarah Thomas

"The best quality of YOUR ACHARYA and their team, according to me is their hard work. They would not stop until I learnt the thing. Teachers are very patient and reply anytime I needed. They are amazing and magnificent in their services. Thank you YOUR ACHARYA."

Rithhik Dutta

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